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Equality and diversity

Elliot Mather LLP believes in and is committed to the principles of equality and diversity. The practice recognises its responsibilities in ensuring that no employees, clients, job applicants or any person dealing with the practice is subjected to less favourable treatment.

We are dedicated to being an equal opportunities employer and to ensuring that all employees have equal opportunities and that discrimination is eliminated.

Diversity Statistics
We annually collect diversity data to allow us to monitor progress on our diversity policy.
Monitoring will be done in so far as not to cause offence or discomfort to those it is intended to protect, whilst giving all the option to choose not to reveal or contribute to this information.
The 2017 survey was conducted during August with 84.2% of our staff choosing to participate in the survey.
To view our Diversity statistics, based on staff responses, please click on the link below:

Elliot Mather LLP - Equality and diversity stats

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