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General Practitioners

With many changes taking place within the healthcare sectors, there are many commercial opportunities in this new environment and getting professional legal advice is essential to ensure those opportunities can be managed as effectively as possible.

We advise many GPs on a wide range of legal issues including:

  • Partnership matters - such as admitting a new partner or advising on one’s retirement through to handling partnership disputes
  • Property – changes in the partnership can result in changes in property ownership and expansion plans may involve property acquisitions or disposals
  • Employment law – is a critical issue for any business, where getting it wrong could be extremely costly. 
  • Financing and bank security – which may be required for an expansion programme such as building a new polyclinic
  • Practice mergers – where you have identified opportunities through economies of scale.

Elliot Mather brings together a comprehensive range of skills and experience to deliver a seamless service to clients within the medical profession. 

Of course we also advise doctors and healthcare practitioners on their private legal affairs, such as preparing your will or power of attorney

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