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Commercial Disputes

Sometimes all the good business practice in the world cannot protect us from commercial disputes, and disputes can be stressful, time consuming and expensive.  When they come up it is essential to take expert advice promptly in order to minimise potential damage, and to maximise your opportunities to resolve matters before they escalate.

We advise companies regarding a range of disputes, including:

If you are threatened with proceedings, or you are considering taking action yourself, you will need experienced, specialist help that will identify and pursue the most cost-effective and satisfactory solution that keeps you in business.  That is exactly what we will do for you at Elliot Mather.

In all disputes it is preferable to resolve the matter without going to court, as court cases can be costly and extremely time consuming.  Settling before it gets to that stage, through mediation and negotiation, is our priority.

Our success rate is high, both in and out of court.

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