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What is Family Mediation?

family mediation services

Family Mediation is a series of steps taken by the parties look at their dispute and seeking opportunities to resolve those difficulties, in a way that is acceptable and workable for everyone.

  • Family Mediation is aimed at looking at possible solutions that suit your family’s needs.
  • It is a good way of exploring different options and seeing which will actually work
  • It is designed to help families come to their own decisions, keeping them away from damaging and costly Court Proceedings.
  • It is a safe way for families to talk about their problems and anxieties and make arrangements for the future in a calm and planned way.
  • It is a positive way to plan and record future arrangements.
  • It can deal with future events as well as present issues eg a Parenting Plan or future plan to deal with property
  • It is cheaper than going through lengthy Court Proceedings.
  • It can record family solutions privately or, you might ask the Court to formally record your outcome in an Order.
  • It is a good way of making sure you stay on good terms with your child/children’s parent or carer.
  • It is a good way of checking and weighing up whether all the financial arrangements and/or all the children’s arrangements you have been discussing will work in practice.
  • It helps parties get information and highlight the services and advice from others who can offer assistance.
  • It helps set out what needs to be done, when, by whom and how. It is YOUR PLAN moving forward to a better, brighter and clearer future.

family mediation

Family Mediation is…

  • Not about getting people back together again.
  • Not about making judgements or blaming the parties.
  • Not about getting even.
  • Not about anyone else’s family but yours.
  • Not about dwelling on past failures or problems but focusing on future opportunities.

Before Medation

We need to meet with you individually, this is called a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting, (MIAM) We will assess if: - a. Mediation could help resolve your family dispute. b. This would be a safe, respectful and suitable process for you and your family. c. You understand what Mediation is all about and are willing to try and look at options to solve the difficulties that are currently affecting the family. d. There might be other services or information you might find helpful. e. Your entitlement to receive Mediation on a Publicly Funded basis or privately paying.

Types of Mediation

Sole Mediation

This is the usual way for most people to Mediate. The Mediation will have one specialist Family Mediator allocated.


Sometimes having two Mediators is helpful – your Mediator will let you know if they think Co-Mediation would be helpful.

Direct Child Consultation

Otherwise known as “Child Inclusive Mediation” – In some situations it may be helpful and appropriate for children to contribute to the overall process about possible family arrangements being discussed by their parents or carers. If you think this may help your family your Mediator will explore this first with you to see if it is a suitable case. We offer Child Inclusive Mediation as part of a Co-Mediation arrangement.

Format of Meetings

Face-to- Face

This is where parties are present in the same Mediation room with the Mediator who will assist you both in addressing the issues that are important to you. Their job and role in the Mediation is to manage your process.

Shuttle Meetings

This is where individual parties have their own separate and private room. The Mediator goes between each room and updates you on the views and proposals made by either of you and records the meeting’s outcome.


On occasions being in the same place at the same time is just not possible. We understand these challenges. In appropriate circumstances Skype (remote type Mediations) may be suitable and offered to parties.

Cost of Family Mediation

Legal Aid

Is available provided you are able to prove and document your eligibility. You can check eligibility by using the online calculator www.gov.uk/check-legal-aid We are required by the LAA (Legal Aid Agency) to retain proof of eligibility as at the point of our Assessment appointment with you.

If eligible

Your Assessment will be free. The other party’s Assessment is free (even if they do not qualify themselves!). Your Mediation sessions will also be free. The other party receives the first session free. You can apply for free legal help with Mediation from a solicitor if undergoing a Mediation Process.

Costs of Assessment

If you do not qualify or you do not wish to apply or be assessed for free Legal Aid Agency Mediation. An assessment fee is payable for privately paying parties. We have a limited number of slots which which can be prepaid and booked using our extended hour service. Payments for assessments are made at the end of each session for other

Mediation Session Costs

Payment for Mediation is as easy as 1-2- 3 We offer fixed fees for Mediation Sessions, in other words “pay-as- you-go” Mediation sessions paid at the end of each session Our fixed fees include a Mediator’s summary of points covered in session. Flexible session lengths are available. We will agree with you session lengths that suit your needs from an hour and a half or half to longer sessions. Fixed fees and flexible session lengths enable you to know your costs and plan your sessions around your family finances and other commitments.


Need appointments early or later? We have a certain number of appointments offered on extended hours (at the absolute discretion of the Mediator) These appointments require pre- payment at the time of booking and are only offered from specific sites. Please ask for further details.

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