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Our use of cookies and other information gathering technologies

A cookie is a small text file that we place on your computer, which helps us to provide an enhanced service to you by enabling us to identify you when you return to the website. It also helps us to better understand your requirements, allowing us to provide a more personal service, by logging your website activity.

A cookie does not permit access to any other file or information held on your computer. You can set your browsing options to regulate the use of cookies, although this may reduce the functionality of our website

The Cookies used by our website

Below is information on the cookies that may be created on your computer when you visit our website, with links to relevant resources containing further information about specific cookies and policies of any Third Party Providers.

Some of the cookies used by our website will expire after you leave our site, however, others will expire after varying periods of up to 10 years). Many internet browsers can provide information on when specific cookies will expire and/or information may also be available from the Third Parties who set the cookies.

Our website make’s use of the following cookies:

Cookie             3cf1b1e5434be569e93fb1d121cc7256

Name               f04c1ca27ddffb6908fcdbce7e5c4d38

Purpose           Essential for using the site and so outside of the legislation


Cookie             Google Analytics

Name              _utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz

Purpose         Cookies for Google Analytics collect information about how visitors use our website to help us improve our services and user experience at our website. Information collected by these cookies is anonymous and examples of data collected include the pages visited, how a visitor entered our website (e.g. by typing the address or via a link) or the web browser visitors are using.

More information available at:

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