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Everyone loves a bargain.  The cost of living seems to be ever increasing so more and more people look to try and save money. One way of doing so is doing things yourself which you would normally seek assistance from a third party.

So you find a buyer for your property and you ask if you can do your own conveyancing when selling?

You should probably ask do you really want to do your own conveyancing when selling?

The process has become more complicated, more forms and the documents required when you are not familiar with them can be quite daunting.

If you have a mortgage on your property you will need a solicitor to act for you /your lender to provide the necessary assurances and undertaking to your buyers solicitors to discharge the existing mortgage and deal with the necessary paperwork on completion.

I do know some solicitors now refuse to act where someone is doing their own conveyancing, due to the extra work which generally becomes necessary in redrafting documents or having to raise further enquiries to deal with ID, to ensure the property can be transferred into the buyer’s name.

When a party is unrepresented this often takes longer.

You may not be able to argue a legal point resulting in it costing you more, than if you employed a solicitor or conveyancer to do it all for you, which would also take away the hassle.

Whilst many individuals are tempted to undertake their own conveyancing if you don’t have a background in law and the house buying business, then this job is really best left to the professionals to avoid unnecessary risks and unwanted costs especially where the property is leasehold or not registered with the Land Registry.

Elliot Mather LLP offer competitive fees and have a friendly team of specialist conveyancers who can help you with your conveyancing requirements. Call your local office for a quote or obtain a quote online via our website.

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