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Employment Problems

For Individuals

Have you been dismissed by your employer or do you feel that you have been treated unfairly or discriminated against in some way? Has your employer failed to make payments that are due to you such as wages or holiday pay? Are you being made redundant and need advice on the process that is being followed or do you want to raise a grievance?

These are all the type of matters we deal with on a daily basis, so if you believe that your employer is not acting lawfully or that you have been treated badly then it is important to take legal advice from an experienced specialist in employment law.

We advise employees on a broad range of problems, including:

Contracts of employment and service agreements – you may need clarification regarding what a particular term requires or means or how contractual benefits, such as a bonus entitlements should be calculated.

Settlement agreements – if your employer has offered you a settlement package, you will be required to take independent legal advice on the proposed agreement. We can advise you on whether or not it is in your best interests to accept the agreement.

Discrimination – if you feel that you have been singled out or treated less favourably on the basis of race, sex or sexual orientation, religion or religious belief, disability or age, we can advise you and assist you in bringing a claim it the Employment Tribunal.

Employment status – the distinction between being employed and self-employed can often become blurred over time and your employment status can have a serious influence on rights and protections in certain situations, such as your right not to be unfairly dismissed. We can advise you on the applicable tests and what your employment status is based on the realities of the relationship.

Grievance and discipline – if you have a complaint about your employer or if they have concerns about your work, then you and your employer must follow certain procedures in order to ensure that you are treated fairly. We can assist you in ensuring that you follow the correct procedures when raising concerns, and can advise on any procedural breaches on the part of your employer.

Restrictive covenants – if you are leaving to set up your own business or to work for a direct competitor then you will need to check whether your contract contains clauses which will restrict your future activities. We can advise you on the enforceability of any such clauses in your contract of employment to ensure that you do not get stung by these on commencing a new role or setting up your own business.

Redundancy – by law, certain procedures need to be followed when making people redundant. We can advise you on whether the process followed by your employer is fair and whether any failure to adhere to procedures would give rise to a claim for unfair dismissal.

TUPE – “TUPE” is the shorthand name for a set of regulations that protect your rights as an employee if your employer’s business or part of the business is sold, or taken over. If you are the subject of such a transfer, your employment is protected and your terms and conditions of employment should not be affected. We can advise you if there is any breach in terms of the process leading up to the transfer or in the case that changes are made to your terms and conditions of employment.

Unfair dismissal – if you have been dismissed then you should talk to us and discuss the circumstances leading up to the dismissal. Due to the complexity of employment law there are many ways in which a dismissal might be unfair.

Unlawful deductions – we can advise you if you have not been paid correctly for example, if you have been paid less than was expected, perhaps less holiday or notice pay, or if your employer has withheld you wages or have not received a payment such as a bonus payment.

We know that contacting solicitors can be daunting, but we pride ourselves on our friendly and practical approach. It is important to us that we understand your goal from the outset in order to achieve the best outcome for you.

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