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Motoring Offences

Losing your driving licence could have a substantial negative impact on both your employment and your social life.  So, to stand the best chance of keeping your licence and remaining in the driving seat, it makes sense to obtain legal advice and support from experienced solicitors, such as Elliot Mather.

Whatever the circumstances, if you receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution, a summons or are arrested by the police, it is vital that you have suitable legal representation as soon as possible – do not be tempted to leave it until it is too late!

Call us as soon as possible if you are accused of any motoring offence, including the following:

  • Driving under the influence of drink or drugs – usually carries a penalty of disqualification for at least 12 months.  The court will also impose a fine or worse.  In certain circumstances it may be possible to reduce the length of the ban, or even avoid it altogether, by putting forward ‘special reasons’.  We can advise you on this.
  • Dangerous or careless driving – cover a wide range of poor driving, from clipping a car or pulling out without checking through to excessive speed or a police chase, with an equally broad spectrum of penalties.  If you are found guilty of dangerous driving the sentence can include imprisonment and you will be banned for at least a year and have to take an extended retest.
  • Speeding offences – if you have not been stopped by the police, for example if you are caught by a speed camera, you will receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution and it is at this stage that you should call us.  For company cars, the court will expect the business owner to have a system for recording who is driving a vehicle at a particular time.  Failure to respond to the request to name the driver of the vehicle could result in points on your licence, or even a ban.
  • Failure to stop and report an accident – if you have an accident, however minor, and cause damage to someone’s property, you are legally required to stop and exchange contact details with the other person.  If you cannot, for example if you cannot locate the owner of the other vehicle, you must report the accident to the police as soon as reasonably practicable (always within 24 hours).  Failure to do so is a serious offence and can even result in a sentence of imprisonment.  At least 5 points would have to be put on your driving licence
  • Totting up penalty points – accumulating a total of 12 penalty points in any 3 year period usually means a disqualification of at least 6 months.  However, it is possible to reduce the length of any ban, or even avoid one altogether, in a number of circumstances, for example, to prevent you losing your job as a result of a ban.  We can advise and assist you with this.

The Police and Criminal Evidence Act provides for free and independent advice for anyone detained in police custody.  You are entitled to your choice of solicitor, so you can ask the police to contact Elliot Mather on your behalf.  We operate a 24hr call out system which means that representation from our expert team can be requested at anytime of the day or night.


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